Alien Canopy is a psychedelic rock band with a great many influences from the modern music realm. Everything from the music to the vocals to the songwriting is very well throughout and arranged on this album. The vocals are the one thing that seemed to leap out at me. There is just something so soothing about them. I can't imagine any other voice fitting this music any better. The musicianship is also a quality that gives the songs a little extra flavor. The musicians are all well seasoned and always on the mark. The mainstream potential for this music may not be all that, but I can see a future for music of this style. The songwriting combines deep thoughts and real life experiences that give the band that artistic vibe. This is definitely a band that can find a lot of respect within the realms of their genre. Music fans of the psychedelic/retro rock genres are sure to love this band. There's even a gothic pop/rock vibe that is subtle, but definitely alluring.” - Michael Allison (Associate Writer)

History is bound to repeat itself". Many people take such a statement as a warning of what is yet to come, however with a band like Alien Canopy, the idea of history repeating itself will breathe a sigh of relief in all the lovers of music from the 60’s and 70’s. Alien Canopy has been playing the New York music circuit for the passed two and a half years, gaining many faithful followers and after the release of their CD ‘Pipe Dreams’ released by Photon Records; the assumption would be that their musical dreams are beginning to come true. Their CD has been played on WLIR 92.7 FM on the local show as well as the tri-state show, as well as advancing themselves into the semi-finals of the Long Island Music Festival. If you didn’t grow up during the Psychedelic-rock era, it makes is hard to compare this bands CD to that of the era’s (1960-1970’s) most influential rockers such as Led Zeppelin and Santana, however that’s the best way to describe this band. Not only are they tight musically, and have astonishing vocals, and the professional recording of the CD does it much justice as well, not to mention the cover and inlay artwork on the CD done by Frank Picini, who must hear that retro-rock sound in their music as well for it is quite obvious that the work was done in that Zeppelin-esque style many of us are accustomed to. On tracks like "Black Door" and ‘Pick Your Poison" the band emulates a darker feel with lyrics and a mysterious sound sung by Alex Cuozzo, while accompanying himself on guitar as well as Joe Picini on drums, Joe Gilmore on bass and back-up vocals, and Andy Zimmerman on guitar as well. Take four great musicians, well written songs, a professional recording, then influence them with some of the most amazing rockers from the 60’s and 70’s and blend it all together and you have a new spin on a great genre on music. Granted, listening to this CD may make you want to run to the local Utopia and grab some black lights and tapestries, but that is a small price to pay for good music.” - Danielle Susskraut

ALIEN CANOPY – PIPE DREAMS: Pipe Dreams is the debut CD from Long Island, NY-based band Alien Canopy. The four musicians of Alien Canopy have been busy in their music careers playing gigs and doing studio work. Alien Canopy describe themselves as a psychedelic retro/rock band that blends the great sounds of the 60s and 70s. They cite many musical influences to create their own unique sound. Pipe Dreams has catchy beats, spacey guitars, bold bass lines and precise percussion. Vocals, provided by lead-singer Alex Cuozzo, are solid throughout this well-arranged 12-song CD. Noteworthy tracks are ‘Never Gonna Change’ with its funky groove and hook line, ‘24/7’ with its solid baselines and ‘Ill-fated Planet’ with its interesting instrumentation. Overall, Pipe Dreams has a groovy, fun sound that should appeal to a wide range of listeners.” - Laura Turner Lynch


Alien Canopy - Pipe Dreams Photon Records If you took let's say at the Alan Parson's Project or Moody Blues and had the Bodeans write with them, you'd have a good idea of the sound of Alien Canopy. Definitely on the retro side, but with a strong undercurrent of more modern alt rock. Some touches of psychedelia and crunchy rock chords like a toned-down B. O. C. make for interesting and really cool music. "Black Door" with its Byrd's vibe, but gritty soul is a solid example, as is the jangly romp "Pipe Dream." The players all have their chops, and they tend to be subtle in their use of them, but that works well with the overall musical vibe.” - Album Capsules

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Pipe Dreams is the debut CD from Long Island, NY-based band Alien Canopy. Joined in February 2001, they are considered an original psychedelic retro/rock band, blending the sounds of classic rock with a modern influence. I find it reminiscent of Rush, or Blue Oyster Cult, with a pop influence. The album was produced by Steve Amend and the band is signed to indie label Photon Records. Pipe Dreams was recorded and mixed at Production D studio in Melville, NY. The bands line up consists of Lead vocalist/guitarist Alex Cuozzo, Mike Ackerson on Bass, Dominick Prevetre on Drums/vocals, and Gerianne McArdle also on vocals. The first song on the album is “What’s on My Mind”. It’s got a melodic guitar intro and a distinct taste of Blue Oyster Cult influence in the chorus, reminiscent of “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. A solid rocker, this song is a good start to the album. This is followed by “Every Night”, and “BlackDoor” with it’s eerie entry and spacey guitars keeps up with the trend of catchy beats. Next is “Never Gonna Change”, a notable track with its funky groove bass line and upbeat rhythms. Track five, “Not alone Tonight” has a good melody and catchy chorus, which could be said about most of the songs on this 12 song CD. One track, “Pipe Dream” has a 3 doors feel to it, it carries too familiar of a riff to be unnoticeable. Next is “24/7“, a rock ballad and “Ill Fated Planet”, with its unique instrumental and heavy bass line. Finishing off the album is “Pick Your Poison”, which also seems to have a Three Doors Down “Kryptonite“ feel to it, but has strong lyrics “You made your decision, to walk your own road, to sing your own song, you follow your own heart, you pick your poison.” This is followed by “Persistence”, and the up tempo “Facing the Demon”, and the finale comes in “The Promise of Tomorrow”, the longest track on the album (4:28) with a classic rock intro, solid vocal delivery, and funk laden guitars. The singer carries an excellent smooth range with a lot of variety and potential. The musicianship is good, the band combines elements from the past present and future in their music. While I’m not sure there’s a lot of mainstream potential for this album, I think it does have a certain market value, and I‘m sure they will never hurt for places to play with their consistent sound. The album is well thought out, arranged, and produced. Overall, Pipe Dreams has a groovy, fun sound that I’m sure many will find appealing. Personally, I give them props for rocking on, and sticking to what they believe in; their music. Sometimes marketability just doesn’t matter. Never Stop, guys, you picked your poison.” - Robin Steeley

— Music vol 5, num 4