1. Confusion

From the recording Confusion

Middle East Struggle!


No amount of fear, will make any changes.
No amount of fear, will make any changes.
Nothing they can do, can take away this horror.
No amount of tears, can wipe away this hatred.
Nothing they can say, can take away this terror.
No amount of pain, can stop all this madness.

Mistrust and turmoil, disorder and shock, it’s all about the panic that spreads. Chaos and shame, disarray and furor, it’s just a mess that’s left, stir it up.

All that we see, scrambles all the senses.
All that we hear, muddles all the violence.
All that we do, never seems enough.
There’s just too much Confusion.

All the blood that’s spilled, will just complete the cycle
No concrete slab, will keep away the hateful
All the words that kill, revenge for all the ages
No great divide, will separate the faithful
All the hope that’s lost, despair that’s never ending